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Live an adventure discovering Eastern Cuba and enjoying the island’s natural wonders. Visit the city of Bayamo, the second villa founded by the Spanish Crown in Cuba and the National Park “Desembarco del Granma”, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Travel to the historic Santiago de Cuba, the second most important city in the island. Admire the verdant and stunning views of La Gran Piedra (The Big Rock), located on top of a mountain at 1225 meters above the sea level. Get to know San Pedro de la Roca Castle (this intricate complex of forts, bastions and batteries is the most complete, best-preserved example of Spanish-American military architecture) and the Archaeological Landscape of the First Coffee Plantations in the South-East of Cuba ( a cultural landscape that illustrate colonial coffee production from the 19th to early 20th centuries), both sites are Cultural Heritages of the Humanity. Finally visit Holguin, the place where Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba in 1492.
Learn about the way of life of the Cuban people and how they are trying to create new private businesses in the island. Get to understand how the Cuban dual currency works. All tours are in private.

Program Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights

Program Includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation at 3-star Hotel in Granma Province, breakfast included.
  • 2 nights accommodation at Private House in Santiago de Cuba Province, breakfast included.
  • 2 nights accommodation at 5-star Hotel Pesquero, Holguin Province, all inclusive.
  • All tours with specialized guides.
  • All transfers included with local and experienced drivers.

Program Does not Include:

  • Round trip Air Transportation (United States-Holguin-United States), paid separately. If you wish, Vemares can assist you.
  • Tourist Visa. Vemares can get it for you for an additional cost.


-Price is based on double occupancy, for single occupancy a supplement must be paid.
-All programs can be customized and adjusted to satisfy your needs.





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Arrive at the Holguin International Airport.

  • Flight to Holguin.
  • Welcome by a Representative of Vemares and transfer to Hotel Farallon del Caribe, all inclusive, Region of Marea del Portillo, in Granma Province.
  • Along the way, you will have lunch in Bayamo City and then take a brief city tour around the historic center.
  • Hotel Check in.
  • Free night.
Parque Desembarco Granma

Visit “Desembarco del Granma National Park”, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

  • Early in the morning, after breakfast, transfer for 90 minutes to visit the park which includes a visit to the Museum of the Coloradas, then you will walk along the path “El Guafe“, where you can see numerous specimens of flora and fauna with great level of endemism and evidences of the presence in the zone of the pre-Columbian tribes. Transfer to the small fishing community of Cabo Cruz, where you will enjoy an exquisite Cuban lunch.
  • Free night, Where you will have the opportunity to interact with people, to know how they live, their customs and traditions.

Go to Santiago de Cuba!!

  • After breakfast, you will travel along the southern coast of the island, you will appreciate the best coastal views of Cuba, where the mountains of the Sierra Maestra reach the Caribbean Sea, you will truly enjoy a unique natural landscape of great beauty.
  • Arrival to the historic city of Santiago. Lunch at a private restaurant in the colonial center of the city.
  • Then take a tour of several sites of historical and cultural interest, such as: Plaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo with its impressive equestrian statue made in bronze, Cemetery Santa Ifigenia to see the change of guard to the memorial to Jose Marti, pantheon to the Bacardi family, among others. You will visit also the Museo Historico Cubano, located in the former home of Diego Velazquez.
  • Walk through the historical center along the picturesque streets.
  • Check in at the Private House.
  • Free night.
Morro Santiago

Visit the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro and Cafetal “La Isabelica”, both declared cultural heritages of humanity by UNESCO.

  • After breakfast departure to the beautiful bay of Santiago to visit the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro, a World Heritage Site, with its almost 4 centuries of existence.
  • Then you will visit the Isabelica Museum in La Sierra Maestra. The museum is located in the ruins of a coffee plantations where the French settlers established themselves after the Haitian revolution of 1791. This 18th-century coffee plantation was recognized by UNESCO as a Humanity Heritage Site, with the title: Archaeological Landscape of the First Coffee Plantation in the South-East of Cuba.
  • Lunch at “La Gran Piedra” restaurant and time to ascend to the viewpoint on top of this colossal rock.
  • Free night. Suggested: You can enjoy traditional Cuban music at the Casa de la Trova Santiagueranot included in the program price.
playa pesquero

Departure to Holguin.

  • When you arrive to the hotel, a representative of Vemares will welcome you.
  • Hotel check in.
  • Free night – Live music and Artistic show at the hotel.

Visit to the place where Christopher Columbus landed for the first time in Cuba.

  • Visit to Cayo Bariay Natural Park in American Classic Cars.
  • Transfer to Santa Lucia to take a steam locomotive of the 19th century, towards Cayo Bariay, where Christopher Columbus first landed in Cuba.
  • Visit the ranger’s house for coffee and drinking water, coconut water and horseback riding.
  • Visit to the monument that represents the encounter of the two cultures, visit to the replica of Taina Village with mini show.
  • Return to the hotel for lunch.
  • Free night – Live music and Artistic show at the hotel.

Transfer to Holguin International Airport.

  • After breakfast, transfer to the airport.
  • Return flight to US.

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